January 9, 2010

Does the sidewalk parking law apply to... boats?

Seriously, how would you even ticket this thing? Also, the recurring theme of sidewalk parking in front of "No Parking, Tow Away" signs is a in full display here.


  1. Apparently you aren't aware, all trailers must have license plates of their own, which gives the DPT a trail to ticket the owner. Trailers without tags are subject to tow.

  2. Depending on where the property line is and if the license can be viewable they can leave the boat there without any worry.

    I have a neighbor who has a boat on a trailer in his garage way. The front half of the boat effectively blocks the entire sidewalk.

    The license plate is on the rear half the boat which is against his garage and not viewable unless the SFMTA crosses the property line by a few feet.

    The result is no tickets, blocked sidwalk. SFMTA can't do anything and I've called multiple times without any ticket violations left.

    Fuck the boat owner and Fuck SFMTA! Time to do some property damage.