January 8, 2010

Long-term car storage

Doesn't look like these cars are moved a lot. Thus the car parked on the street is illegally parked as well (you can't take the same spot for more than 72 hours).


  1. FYI, there are new rules in San Francisco about parking on the street in San Francisco. The 72-hour rule is more like a one-week law from what I understand

  2. Jim, do you have a source for that?

    According to the sfgov.org site, it's still 72 hours:


  3. How do you know it's been there more than 72 hours?? I've seen plenty of people who cover/uncover their vehicles daily. (I think they're crazy, but...)

    Incidentally one needs to put one's license plate number on the cover in case ticketing is needed. There's some kind of rule about that. It can't be obscured.