January 11, 2010

My other car is a bike... (and screw pedestrians).

Submitted by John Murphy.


  1. You are awesome!

    Hey, I read your interview on Streetsblog and I wanted to comment on the part about your neighbors paving over grass to make a parking space.

    I'm not sure about the planning code in your area of the city, but my (possibly WRONG) understanding is that removing a lawn and replacing it with concrete is illegal in most parts of the city unless you get a permit first. And nobody does. Not sure if you can do anything about it when it's done rather than in-progress, but you might want to look into that.

    And if you do find out the deal-i-o on that, I would love to know what it is.

  2. Not good. Nice job with the baby stroller.

  3. wow...someone has WAY too much free time on his hands.