January 8, 2010

There is a good discussion of the concreting over of front yards, and sidewalk parking, going on over at SocketSite.

Excerpt from one of the comments:

Fourth of all, most of these homes were designed as single family homes. The fact that some owners have illegally converted them into multi-family/boarding houses with parking lots out front in order to make ends meet does not excuse them from zoning requirements, which I might add, were on the books well before these folks made these conversions. The homeowners did not *need* to buy small homes for large families and multi-tenants, that was an optional choice. Likewise whatever you think of MUNI, it does exist and transportation is not impossible in the absence of a car. Parking pads are, in most cases, a matter of convenience and choice, not necessity. This is not a basic human right, and no one will die because 20% of the front yard was converted to greenery.

In essence your argument boils down to because they started breaking the law, they now *need* to keep breaking the law, and we should therefore allow them to continue to break the law while our city turns into a concrete flooded wasteland.


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  2. if u googled up overzealous the definition would describe u well